Second Life warming up for Real Life; Events is SL

My Second Life exploration is getting serious and interesting. With Sun Micro jumping into Second Life, SL becomes the new testing ground for Moore’s Law and Metcalfes Law in action. Of course Intel is pitching in– seamless interactive 3D will soak up enough processing power to sustain Intel’s growth for a few more years ! The Real Life – Second Life intersection melting pot is hot and cooking with educational institutions offering courses in Second Life. The combination of technology majors’ attention, University patronage and the membership nearing a million users is making Second Life cross the Tipping Point. I’d don’t care if the Linden scripting language sucks, or if it is not open source, the innovation spur beyond the Tipping Point is sporting action I look forward.

I’m interested in using it as a collaboration tool with and a way to manage information overload. I’m still a newbie at Second Life and there is much to explore. I’m impressed by the way user generated content is monetized in second life right from day one. And the booming economy will be a major membership pull factor. I figured that to do anything serious, building skills are a must. And I’m learning that. Some day soon I will integrate my paper location tracking information on to SL. Here is a screen shot of me at Rev Univ at Second Life.
Labsji Link @ SL
I’m taking help of Maha of UPSL to evaluate the SL builds. Here is a screen shot of a build in progress.

Maha building Guitar

Apart from avatar customization, fashion, landscape, furniture and real estate that contributes to the major economic activity, Events are very interesting form of content in Second Life. Events hold the key for intersection of RL and SL meaningfully. I’m going to explore and learn about second life Events through Isha’s Green Hands to plant 700,000 saplings on a single day I will post more as I learn!


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