Second Life: Featuring Project Green Hands Marathon

The Love Affair with Second Life is getting strong. As mentioned earlier, I’m exploring Second Life especially events. Events in Second Life has immense potential to intersect with real life events. Project Green Hands’s Mass Tree Planting Marathon was a fitting event I attempted featuring in Second Life. It was a very intense experience right from planning, thinking up ways to feature and finally ending up doing 1% of all that I wanted to do! Well that is Life 🙂

Here are some screen shots:
Project Green Hands @
Maha( upsl Pink in SL) and Vasudeven( Vasu Surya in SL) are hooked to it and presently going strong with linden scripts.
Discussion about the Mass Tree Planting Marathon

Here is the slurl of Project Green Hands at SL if you care for it. It is no Reuter’s Island in Second Life( BTW Reuters opened shop – via Jeff – in SL recently and it Rocks! – bandwidth and server performance permitting 😦 )

I thought Second Life is just a glorified Chat. After the featuring the event I’m wiser: I’m amazed by the diversity of the views, the types of responses and of course the diversity of the Avatars. I’m mulling over the learning and will consolidate and post.


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One Response to Second Life: Featuring Project Green Hands Marathon

  1. Shripriya says:

    Agreed. A great experience. I posted on the same topic here —

    I do think they need to make some improvements, though.

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