Monitizing Your Blog

Indian success stories of Google Adsense that I know of are: Digital Inspirations by Amit Agarwal and Ganesh of Rupya.Com
Amit is more content oriented. Whereas Ganesh is more SEO oriented.

Yet in my experience Text Link Ad is a good alternative to Google AdSense.
For the sponsors too, it works out better as the payment is a fixed monthly payment rather than a pay per click. There is no click fraud to worry about.

Do you have a Blogger Beta Blog? Want to Monetize it with Text Link Ads? No need to worrry about where to slap the PHP code… Just convert your Text link Ad inventory as a RSS feed and rake in the cash!

Hat Tip to Purchasers of Text Link Ads at Idea Execution Profit!


5 Responses to Monitizing Your Blog

  1. badrirag says:


    I thought that ads are no-no in sites but lorelle has written a detailed note on how to monetize sites. fyi

    click here

  2. Kelly says:

    Great info! I have Adsense on my blog but I think I’ll try your idea. Thanks.

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