Small Business Resources

This is an attempt to put together set of tips and resources to handle smooth boot and running of a small business. I will make it India and Chennai specific – That is where I am and that is what I know anyway.

Handy Tips for Software Product Makers.

Starting your own Business in India By Interpid.




4 Responses to Small Business Resources

  1. amaladoss says:

    i want start a small business

  2. Sue Cousin says:

    I am interested in creating a workplace that is more creative and spiritually aware – a bit vague I know, as people are at where there at, but someone out there might have some ideas. I am director of a not for profit counselling and family services centre. I have wonderful staff, however would like to vamp things up a bit for them, and provide spiritual stretching opportunities for them to take advantage of – should they wish to try.

  3. stacy cristo says:

    sue–wish you were my director. leaving the non-profit world to go out on my own. strongly encourage you and support you to make that happen. i know where i am the therapists are all very unhappy and want to leave. spiritually desolate!!! and inhumane. change the community mental health center model–in dire need. stacy

  4. Raman says:

    Can I too participate in crowdsourcing..interested to participate: location Chennai-India.

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