About Labsji

Balaji Sowmyanarayanan

Balaji is a middle-aged teen-at-heart( as in rebel, opinionated and wrong LOLZ!). Interested in technology, startups, marketing and programming/software engineering. Presently pre-occupation includes 3D virtual worlds, cloud-computing, information-flow/workflow usability engineering.

Balaji chases cutting-edge and shiny technologies and translates some of it into simple and relevant solutions for his handful of long-and-deep relationship consulting customers.

Embracing and facilitating community is cherished by Balaji – he is User Group Leader and (event)coordinator of Amazon Web Services Enthusiasts and User Group Chennai. Balaji is a avid Linux, Open Source Software user and enthusiast.

In his previous avatar, Labsji dabbled with Social Entrepreneurship with limited success – Now in the process of doing/learning regular Entrepreneurship.

Balaji likes light/subtle humor, long walks, yoga/meditation, and is fascinated by engineering, religion and traditional/folk Indian art forms.