My Work:Paper File Tracking

I am developing a simple and innovative electronic tagging based (paper) file tracking system.
It consists of 1 – a reusable tag – shaped as file jacket, 2- file holder like the file tray that sits in your desktop, 3 – software to drive this and present useful tracking information.
The engineering just done and I’m working on a beta site that will use it and rave about how cool it is as well as suggest improvements.

The uber cool aspect of my work is, it(the tags and other things that go with it) can be produced by craft enterprises. It is so simple – anyone who understands how to connect a light bulb will be able to understand it.
For example here is an image of file jacket made out of reed grass mat, and zari.File jacket made of reed grass, zari
This aspect can be used to create prosperity to artisans and craftsmen while solving a productivity issue of workgroups that use paper files in their day to day operations.
It is this possibility that keeps me going all this while.

The prototype making is funded by TIFAC an organization under Department of Science and Technology – Government of India. The proto was exhibited at the Indian Science Congress 2006 at Hyderabad this January. Here is a picture of FileMon team with Dr R. A Mashalkar, Director General CSIR/Secretary DSIR.
Dr R A Mashelkar with FileMon team at Indian Science Congress.jpg

I am currently working on field trial at a public sector psu. Public sector is expected to be the biggest market for this technology/product.

Update: BSNL field trial implementation is official! I’m so happy about it.
Update2: Under construction is a live demo of the file tracking system.

Update 02/Jan/2007: The all new FileMon Paper File Tracking product information is ready. I’m displaying the prototype in the Indian Science Congress 2007. And distributing these flyers. The response so far is so good!
Update( June 2007), India Innovation Summit, added the demand supply side to the flyer as below.
Craft+Technology=Equity(The supply side of paper file tracking)

It was a pleasure to explain the craft+technology aspect to Dr M S Swamynathan who visited my stall.
Dr M S Swamynathan, appreciating the craft+technology aspect of the paper file tracking system

For further information contact Balaji: labsji at gmail


8 Responses to My Work:Paper File Tracking

  1. A.S.Rao says:

    Glad to see yr blog and thanks for the good words on TePP

  2. labsji says:

    Yay! for getting a blog visit by Dr A S Rao – Adviser, Ministry of Science & Technology, he blogs at: India Invents and India Innovators Forum

  3. Vishal says:

    Good idea and keep blogging…:) Hapyy new year to u.

  4. Swaminathan says:

    Good inovation keep at it . Good luck

  5. amanda says:

    very nice

  6. ramakrishnan says:

    dear sir,
    i am ramakrishnan.(your office upsl). i saw your wordpress website. nice one .

  7. Hi Balaji,

    How is this idea going? Would love to hear some updates and I need something just like this to implement for offices in Australia. If you could let me know at my email it would be much appreciated.



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