What do you prefer, Working Like a Donkey or a Monkey?

Making money with closed source software, related IT services: Donkey Work ( You got to do all the heavy lifting in the muck)
Making money with opensource: Monkey Work – you need to be real smart to make money with open source. ( I’m using the Mind=Monkey Indian spiritual metaphor here 🙂 )

This question is motivated by the discussion that followed a talk at Madras Management Association by Gp.Capt.K.Balasubramanian of Teledata Informatics Ltd, a fast growing( organic and inorganic!) Golbal IT company headquarteded in Chennai. He was lementing that the manpower productivity could be improved by focusing on ‘High end’ work. He further elobrated that working on life critical things is an example of “High End work”. In passing he mentioned, the cost of fixing a bug must be real steep to get the high compensation the high end work deserves. I was interested in knowing his stand on open source trend. My take is, life critical things will all slowly be opensources: Life is more precious than anyone’s greed; Greed is good only if life is there!

I can understand his heart mind conflict in addressing the threat/opportunity of opensource: heart knows opensource is the way to go; Mind with all the conditioning of old economy greed( Karma!) says old ways will stay on forever!

Unfortunately the top IT companies in India- TSC, Infosys, Wipro, and the gang – have tuned their ‘Engines’ towards Donkey Work. Any day, managing a bunch of donkeys is easier than managing a handful of monkeys.

Smart people are/will increasingly find the donkey herd repulsive and look for alternatives to use up their smarts. There is tremendous opportunity to make use of this talent to do useful things and create a lot of wealth!

So I ask again: Do you want to do Donkey’s work? or Monekey Work? Flames welcome!


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I blog, Therefore I exist ! Funny things are funny to me. Cool things are cool to me. Innovations tick me. I attempt spirituality religiously :)
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