Look mom, I found some crayons in BlogCamp

You never know what spending quality time with a bunch of wide eyed bushy tailed young bloggers will transform you into. Never in my life I though I will draw a cartoon, but blogcamp can change that all in one go. In the contest section of the blogcamp.in there was a list of contests. A cartoon contest too. What is an unconference event without participation?

I have this format of usually including an interesting cartoon from gapingvoid.com with each of my post. This made me a big fan of Huge MacLeod. Thanks to Hughtrain wisdom and more, I got this wacky idea of making a cartoon. On the other hand there were far too many interesting thing to write about blogcamp: cartoon bubbled up as an interesting medium to conquer more with less.

Then it was just a matter of opening up gimp and draw the free form figures and fill in the context and punch line. Big salute to Hugh Macleod for showing the way. Here are the piece of pride:

I Dont Know

In a normal conference an expert will pounce at the question ‘What is the model?’ with ‘We have been evolving a model for the past several years… our model takes care of many subtle and fine aspects…’ and push his product or consultancy. But in an unconferance you get a plain and simple ‘I’dont know the right model’

Looser 2.0


Inspired by old timers bragging their antiquity mentioning in passing how long they are familiar with the medium. Was there a seniority fight? Not really.

I am elated to get a response from Atul Chitnis. Now I understand how shutting down comments in his site helps. He can converse all over the place, making newbie like me happy in the process.

Gender Issues

Inspired by Veena’s presentation on Blogging for Indian Politics

Normally I take a spiritual view when gender issues are raised. My stand is they come up due to lack of understanding of the mixup of the subtle and gross within us. But what happened during BlogCamp( undercurrent of agression show to a newebie blogger/speaker) reminded me of the discussion going on: Where are all the smart women speakers? and Okay…rather than just complain… somewhere they mention that women against each other as a big problem.

Disclaimer: I’m no expert nor a keen observer: I’ll be happy to stand corrected, educated, enlightened. Or better still ignored.

Missed Camera porn opp

Blogging and pron go hand in hand, it is a great way to build a community around you. The idea is to entice the onlookers to get in, and get their hands dirty and get hooked in your art. After a very interesting show, Sharad missed a great opportunity to build a small new media following around him. Instead of telling ‘These photographs are taken in slightly better than average cameras, manipulated using photoshop in a 3-year old mac…’, Sharad took the ‘expert apart’ path.

This post and these cartoons, how evercrude they are, is a testimony to the Maxim: ‘enticing your followers to try out your art, by getting their hands dirty’. Hat tip to Hugh!

Now for the usual dose:
use to be interesting


About labsji

I blog, Therefore I exist ! Funny things are funny to me. Cool things are cool to me. Innovations tick me. I attempt spirituality religiously :)
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2 Responses to Look mom, I found some crayons in BlogCamp

  1. Aparna says:

    Fun stuff! really enjoyed this post. The cartoons are cool!

  2. Buckster_rez says:

    Check this out!

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