Maurice Levy, Publicis @ WEF Davos07: We will be Carbon Neutral before 2010!

Maurice Lévy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Publicis Groupe was interviewed by Adam Reuters as part of Second Life/ Real Life coverage of the World Economic Froum annual meet. There was much talk about digital advertizing dominated by google. Adam smartly steered the top Ad man towards Corporate Social Responsibility, and towards Carbon Neutrality. Interestingly, Adam extracted a commitment from Maurice that the ad conglomorate will be Carbon Neutral by 2010!
commitment scared
I asked a question on how more ad money going digital will increase the digital divide. Maurice observed that it is a tough question and the discussion moved on to the Hundred Dollar Laptop.
Overall it was a wonderful experience to interact with a WEF regular, and pose a question( get a response instantly too!), all mediated by Second Life. All the more happy to bring up the digital divide to the front burner of people who can really make a difference.
Thanks Reuters. Thanks Lindens.
After the interview I had a small informal discussion with Zee Linden( John Zdanowski) CFO of Linden Labs. We talked about L$ vs US$ watching, and interest rate and using SL as a financial products prototype area.
I’m more and more sold into the unconference medium aspect of SL.


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