Wisdom of Crowd at WikiCamp.in: La Car Festival

In recent times I’m talking to a lot of people about the social media revolution. Invariably I’ll mention Wikipedia, Flickr, Blogs and SecondLife. Blogs are easy to explain with the diary analogy. But wiki is bit counter intuitive. I usually bring in the traditional Car Festival analogy( not to be confused with the politically motivated Rath Yatras) to explain that Wiki is not a new concept but the good old Car Festival spirit in action with a technology spin.
Puri Rath Yatra in Paris

The democratizing power of the social media is reflected in the blogs and wikis and the endless web2.0 trends. Individual freedom( reflected by blogs) and collective action/progress( reflected by wiki/wikipedia) is indeed advancing democracy( to democracy2.0; one day I will kick the 2.0 habit 🙂 .

Jimmy Wales whose initiative brought alive the Wikipedia is going to be there at BlogCamp.in. His/and the Wikipedia communiti’s vision is to make the wikipedia available to every person in the world. And they are ready to bridge the digital divide to get this done.( Wikipedia in numerous regional languages is a good example of how Wikipedia community is addressing the digital divide by bridging the language divide). Since bidging the digital divide is close to my heart, I’m thrilled such an event is organized. Now it is kind of routine to expect such quality events from the Knowledge Foundation, the cheerful energetic folks that brought BarCamp, BlogCamp, Proto.in.

From the participants list it is clear( Doctors, writers, students, and of course techies) that it is going to be a true Car Festival at TIDEL park!
wikicamp banner

Will there be a discussion on Digital Gandhism?

Will there be discussion on the future of Digital Commons?

I’m holding my breath!


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2 Responses to Wisdom of Crowd at WikiCamp.in: La Car Festival

  1. Siddharta says:

    Hi Balaji,

    Digital Gandhism and the future of digital commons both sound pretty interesting. And the cool part is that you dont have to hold your breath because anyone can start a discussion on any topic. Just head over to the Speakers page ( http://wikicamp.in/wiki/index.php?title=Speakers ) and add in your name and topic.

  2. Please help support the Daihatsu Drivers Forum. Thankyou.

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