Infy:Web2.0 Cluelessness?

Infy the poster child of Indian IT success story does not seem to get Web2.0 right. Going by the blog post by Kris( Gopalakrishnan) – President, Chief Operating Officer and Joint Managing Director, Infosys Technologies Ltd they are as clueless about web2.0 as the big corporations they wish to serve:

Companies like Infosys have a role in transforming companies in the Web 2.0 environment. These are early days. I think the definition of ‘flat world’ will evolve in the next 2-3 years

Let us see how Infy can transform Technorati, or WordPress or 37Signals.

Kris: I believe we have an opportunity to help companies move towards Web 2.0.

Nice try Kris, to sign up fat multi-year contracts with clients old and new.

Too bad they choose to expose their cluelessness at World Economic Forum(WEF), Davos 2007

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