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Prof Athish Chattaopadhyay on Marketing Plan

Human beings are not rational. Perception is everything. Marketers thrive on the heteroginity of the humans.If you ask the question ‘What is one plus one?’ An artsy person will answer ‘One two buckle my shoe… three four shut the door…’ … Continue reading

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Chennai Open Coffee Club + NEN Entrepreneurship Week = Freshness!

The Feb08 edition of Open Coffee Club Chennai, was very different. Instead of the usual rant about not able to hire developers and such, we welcomed student Entrepreneurs and wannabes. As part of Entrepreneurship Week organized and celebrated by NEN(National … Continue reading

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Featuring via SecondLife: As if Being There!

What does the old cliché, Location! Location! Location! translate into in an increasingly flat world? When there is problem of plenty( not exactly abundance) what is the single thing that makes or breaks? Is it not Serendipity? As I’d like … Continue reading

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Smoking Pipes

The Unix Pipe made it versatile and made the ‘everything is character file’ metaphor of Unix work. Now in the web2 world, we need something as versatile to marshal data spread all over the web. Is Yahoo Pipes it answer? … Continue reading

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Take Over The Sky – Slowly

Amazon and Jeff Bezos are all set to take over the world – in their typical way – Slowly. With the announcement of AWS DevPay today closely following SimpleDB announcement last week, the game is getting interesting by the hour. … Continue reading

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Milemeter got my vote in AWS Challenge

Today I voted for Amazon Web Services StartUp challenge. I voted for MileMeter – an auto insurance company that offers insurance by the mile. It seems they have sixty ‘patent pendings’ on the concept and processes. They are going to … Continue reading

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AWS Chennai: Amazon Web Services Meetup 13 Dec 07 – RailsFactory – Jaffarkhanpet

Do you build thermal power station to electrify your microwave oven? No? Similarly why do you have to worry about building server farms and data centers to run your sprawling Web Application? Yes, Utility computing makes everything needed to to … Continue reading

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