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AWS Chennai: Amazon Web Services Meetup 13 Dec 07 – RailsFactory – Jaffarkhanpet

Do you build thermal power station to electrify your microwave oven? No? Similarly why do you have to worry about building server farms and data centers to run your sprawling Web Application? Yes, Utility computing makes everything needed to to … Continue reading

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BarcamBangalore5, Here I Come!

I’m off to BarcamBangalore5. I’ll be talking about SecondLife, and particularly about Treepu. I will be explaining Avatar Voodo a mashup of SecondLife with Amazon Mturk. And also publicize the AWS Chennai meetup.

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Photo Snap Chennai from Afar with SecondLife

Not there in Chennai during Nov 3, 3:11pm Sanp Shot Evant? Now you can participate via SecondLife, With the unique method of spilling SecondLife Avatar Interaction to real life( Avatar Voodo), it can be made real!

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Photo Pickle Chennai Moment forever on 03 Nov 3:11pm

The Chennai Social Mediarattis Ganesh APP(sagaro), Bhargav Ramakrishnan, Mahendran and others are attempting photo sampling of Chennai. They want to play ‘Freeze’ with whole of Chennai on Third November at of course 3:11 PM. They are want to use the … Continue reading

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Mashing with

Recently I was checking out the Web2.0 Expo Berlin and BarCampBerlin ahead of it. I came across the Four Starters and its one of the most interesting offshoot – And sometime back, I commented in Brave and Inspiring Dawn … Continue reading

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AWS EC2 as Restaurant, Avatar Voodo with Mturk, Tree Teleportation

Amazon is indeed an extreme retailer, and retailers want their inventories to move. Amazon Web Services is just this concept applied to one of their ‘Inventory’ viz., their Infrastructure! Well, for some, this is bit over the head to appreciate. … Continue reading

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Booting AWS Community in Chennai: Wanna mash Tiddly +AWS?

I’ve been experimenting with getting coding work done through Freelance coders in Chennai. Recently I hired Mukundan to mashup of SecondLife Linden Scripting Language(LSL) with Amazon Web Services. Mukundan overcame strange stack heap collisions by tactfully dividing the code and … Continue reading

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