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What do you prefer, Working Like a Donkey or a Monkey?

Making money with closed source software, related IT services: Donkey Work ( You got to do all the heavy lifting in the muck) Making money with opensource: Monkey Work – you need to be real smart to make money with … Continue reading

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Blue Screen of Death: About failure,And to do nots

At the business school orientation for new arrivals, a fellow student asked me why I was at Columbia. My response drew a look of confusion – “I always wanted to write a book, run the New York Marathon and do a play on Broadway, the MBA is just for cheap subsidized housing.”

This of course was January 1999. As of 22 April 2006, I am proud to report that I am too fat to run and that though there were multiple attempts to produce Harvey, a Mary Allen Chase Play about a six foot tall invisible rabbit, all were sabotaged by a six foot tall invisible rabbit.

On the book front there is good and bad news. The good news is that no trees were cut down or killed in the final production run of the ebook “Blue Screen of Death – A desi’s misadventure in the land of opportunity”. Initial reviews are promising (read: not as bad as I expected), encouraging (no multi million dollar advance offers, but there is always hope for that call from Oprah or Ellen) and detailed enough to provide material for my next book “The Blue Screen – Reloaded”
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Angst of Innovation

There are multiple angst associated with innovation. First is the time it takes to get the innovation out to the world. The market conditions change, and more importantly within you it is no longer a new and fresh idea. The … Continue reading

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