YoBykes Yo Speed Buying Experience

Disclousre: I got a discount on the product discussed in this post. Read on, you can too.
Couple of weeks back, I bought a electric 2-wheeler YoBykes‘s YO Speed. It was an impulse purchase spanning 2-years. I bought it from the only YoBykes dealer in Chennai, Bue Smart Associates. They are at Chinna Malai( Little Mount), Sidapet on the small traffic-free road that connects the Chinna Malai Junction and the Velacheri Road.

Yo Speed Image from Vicky.in

There were two models available viz., YO Smart and YO Speed at the showroom. The Yo Smart is a 250Watt 25Kmph max speed suitable only for single person ride. Whereas Yo Speed is 750W, 45Kmph max speed with a max payload of 130Kg, suitable of 2 person rides. Choosing between them was easy: You cannot just explain at length, the electirc technology, wattage, and payload limitations when someone needing a urgent ride asks ‘Can you drop me at XYZ’. So my decision to go for the higher watt Yo Speed was straight forward.

There is not much rational to why I did not purchase 2 years back but ended up purchasing the electric bike this week. Here are some of the objections and rationalizations see-saw in the background of the purchase:

Objection: The unsealed lead acid-battery powering the electric bike is not sophisticated or hi-tech. The manufacturer need to put in more innovation/effort in making it light and pack more power.
Rationalization: The lead-acid battery is ubiquitous. I can find a service shop/dealer who knows the in-and-out of the battery very easily. In fact I can find 3 shops within 2-km of my house. Key components, skills being commodity is good thing! It takes a few generations of electric vehicle adopters to make sophisticated battery technologies ubiquitous. Let me do my bit to advance that evolution!

Objection: What if the dealer folds the business close the shop? What if the manufacturer stops production?
Rationalization: I’ve seen the dealer in operation for couple of years. I’ve even seen a few YOs at my neighborhood. If the dealer/manufacturer is in business for couple of years, they might as well be in business for couple of more year! The manufacturer is part of Electrotherm – a stable company with long cycle time business expereince.

Objection: Speed of 45Kmph max is too low.
Rationalization: I think I became older! I cant believe I’m accepting such speed limits.
Well, my usage is limited. And a just a few years back me riding a scooter rather than a Motorcyle was unthinkable. Times change, attitudes change.

Rationalization: I purchase laptop, electronic gadget of equal spend without much consideration, deliberation. Why not extend it for a bike too. After all it is also electirc? [ This was I think the prime reason for my impulse purchase this time around!, LOL ]
Objection: Electronic products pack more featurs by the year and slash prices dramatically. The YoByke product has not changed over the past couple of years.

When it came for price negotiation, I asked for a blogger discount. I was anyway planning to log the ownership experience for the benefit of the undecided. I was just checking if asking for blogger discount works!. It was promptly met with a ‘Ah, What?’ and a quizzical stare. Yet, the fine young lady(it was the same person – Ms Mebela over the 2-year period – Good to have a stable sales team!) at the showroom connected me up to the area manager, who in turn linked me up to the YoBykes/Electrotherm’s Marketing team.
After some back and forth, I explained(to Electrotherm Marketing team) the importance of social-engagement for products like Electric Bike especially when the incumbent product is deeply entrenched. The marketing team was open to the suggestion, but were very wary of the discount idea. I clarified that offering concrete financial reward is one way to signal seriousness and commitment( towards social media engagement). During the course of the discussion we settled for a small discount( 3% – the Electrotherm team insisted that auto industry margins are low – discounts are big no no!). What is interesting about the discount is it is applicable for all bloggers – social media sharing about your Yo Experience is not compulsory – but encouraged. After all, it is social engagement proposed by me – and I want the initiative to succeed!

Chennai buyers can get a Rs 3% off on their purchase by mentioning LABSJI Blog when they purchase a Yo at

Bue Smart Assoicates( Attn Mr A Robert),
#65 Velachery Road, Little Mount,
Chennai 600015

Ph: 6450 5355
+91 9790734314

Please, share your electric vehicle ownership experience as comments.


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I blog, Therefore I exist ! Funny things are funny to me. Cool things are cool to me. Innovations tick me. I attempt spirituality religiously :)
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14 Responses to YoBykes Yo Speed Buying Experience

  1. Fëanor says:

    Labsji, you electrician, you! Nice product plug. Now where do you plug in your Yo?

  2. labsji says:

    Yo! you will hear more… stay tuned. My initial idea is to buy a solar panel and plug the Yo to it. Right now plugging it to the regular socket.
    He ha!

  3. srini says:

    i think you are for sure the first species of its kind

    How you got to make this killer idea?

    Congrats for going green.
    Let me know once you bought a solar panel

    Any solar panel seller giving out blogger discounts ?
    Ha Haa Haaaa

  4. labsji says:

    @Srini thanks for the kind words.
    Will pay premium price for a flexible solar panel that can be stitched as a dust cover for the vehicle.

    Only problem is protecting the flex panel from the thief!

    Ha ha.

  5. labsji says:

    @srini [Re Congrats for going green] I bought a black one – like the one in the photo above! He he 😉

  6. sivaram says:


    tat’s a pretty good writeup.. will be gr8 if you share your bike usage experiences (pros n cons)..
    There is this new version ‘yo Exl Er’ with better battery backup time n also fast charging (4 hrs for full charge). Any idea on the same n the price tags/


  7. labsji says:

    One of the prime reason that enticed me to buy the Yo is its silent drive. Yet, the rear shock absorbers are squeaking all the time( due to poor quality component).
    Also, the only dealer in Chennai closed down!
    So I’m not inclined to recommend any of Electrotherm products.

    -Balaji S.

  8. sivaram says:

    Balaji, thnx for the immediate response. I checked in their website and could see that there is no chennai specific sales showroom.

  9. Vincciv says:

    They have a service engineer in chennai for attending to the yo-byke service call
    The number is 93440 16518 and person on the other end is called Bala. 🙂

  10. sitadevi says:

    what’s the cost of yo speed 750w battery.

    thanking you,

  11. dinesh says:

    well am interested in buyin E bike !

    am living in chennai ,

    is it a good idea for going with electric bike ?

    some one pls let me know the show room in chennai.

  12. JAY PATEL says:

    what’s the cost of yo speed 750w battery.

  13. sp says:

    totally waste of money >>>>>>>>>.

  14. sanjeev says:

    I purchase yo speed 750 in 2007, I have started problems in early. After number of complaints, the dealer change the batteries. Only after 2400 km four batteries are changed. After fighting in three year in consumer court. I have just received 10,000/- compensation vehicle not according to advertisement. Now batteries are down, I looking for four unit of batteries which have specification is 12v and 33Amp. lithium batteries. kindly help me diffrence between lead acid batteries and lithium

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