Skyclad, Universe and Everything: Idea from TED

Can nudity be an Idea Worth Spreading?
Ever wondered how the dress we wear becomes an integral part of ourself? Can this simple experiential reality be used for our spiritual elevation? Why is Dressing-up an important aspect of the Super Hero culture like Super Man, Spider Man, Batman etc?
Questions Questions Questions!

At the awesome TEDxChennai sidelines I encountered Christian Fabre – CEO of Christian Fabre Private Limited a very successful apparel exporter of solid repute.
Christian is a French citizen settled in south India for nearly four decades. One very interesting thing about him: He is a Sannyasi Known as Swami Pranavananda Brahmendra Avadhuta.
You might think: Wait a minute – A renouncer(Sannyasi) who runs a profitable business? Is it not paradoxical? at least I was thinking.
Again Questions!

And ‘Questions!‘ is how he summed up the Big Question and further remarked that the Answer is Simple. Someone in the group( @adropofwisdom? ) remarked its is Simple, Yet it is difficult( for Us to grasp). I did my confused Half-agreeing-half-disagreeing (TED Mysore) style head shake, exchanged pleasantries, chatted about Virtual World and moved on with rest of the TEDxChennai show.

Latter I learned that, even-though Christian is into Apparel business, when he assumes the Swami role, he choose to be Digambara( or skyclad) – a simple, yet difficult form or renunciation.

I was intrigued. I promptly dismissed it with a ‘Oh Yeah!’ and moved on with my usual preoccupations.

Then by chance I came across Adi Shankaracharya‘s Nagendra Haraya – Shiva Panchaksham in which Sri Shankara praises Lord Shiva as Dig-AmbarayaThe one who wears the directions(sky) as raiment!

It was a light-bulb moment for me to realize that in the Indian Yogic tradition, nudity is not just a symbol of renunciation, but also a active state of ‘wearing the entire universe as your dress’ and making the whole existence an integral part of yourself!

Sadguru Jaggi VasudevSadguru Jaggi Vasudev in his TED Mysore talk shared about extending the sensory boundaries and inclusion. The epiphany for me was while viewing( again) Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED video – in which the neurologist shares about her state of Inclusion/Union when the logical part of the brain takes a back seat.

As illustrated by the Dig-ambara(skyclad) Swami –

Nothing = Everything!

Very Simple Indeed!

Now, How do I apply this epiphany in my life? Again Questions, Questions, Questions!

Thanks TED and TEDxChennai for leading me down the Q, Q Q path, someday( hopefully sooner than latter) there will be the Answer. [No it is not 42! or is it? See I told you Q Q Q!]

Bonus Link:

Swami Pranavananda’s feedback email on TEDxChennai


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