Got Wi-Fi at Home? Register WiFi or Face DOT Action

Do you enjoy a Wi-Fi connection at home or your small office? Like the the ones that connects your laptop magically on to the Internet? If yes, there is some little paper-work you need to do to comply with Department of Telecommunication‘s new regulation that mandates registration of every Wi-Fi usage point.

DoT wants Internet service providers to register all Wi-Fi users

Move aimed at preventing unauthorised usage.

New guidelinesConsumers who do not register themselves will get disconnected by their ISPs

No new connections will be activated before the subscriber’s details are registered by the ISP

Existing customers have been given time till June 23 to comply with the requirements

The intended purpose of the regulation is to prevent unauthorized usage of the powerful internet medium a tool for terrorist and public hoax activities.

Securing your Wi-Fi is always a good idea, more so with the uprise in terrorist and naxal activities. It is fairly simple process to setup. Added incentive is it can save you money too. If you leave your wifi open, perhaps the next door kid is watching youtube using it while you foot the hefty internet bills!

This regulation like any other regulation involving the Techies, Geeks and pseudo-intellectuals is expected create a huge fuss about freedom of speech, big-brother watching, ‘while I comply with every damn law, the powerful and underground are happy flouting every law possible – and the terrorist find a way around anyway!’ rants. Look at it this way, when you are leaving home, you are locking your home without any prompting or prodding by anyone. Same way just comply for Wi-Fi too!

For startup and geek techie types that want to rant/complain, look at the opportunity this opens up! Every bit of regulation mandating compliance by the masses creates opportunity for creating products and services around the compliance. For any compliance is a mild pain at best. And mild pain relievers are always in demand!

Remember the hugely successful Software product Tally‘s reason for existence is compliance!

Update: Here is the DoT letter notifying the regulation:


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2 Responses to Got Wi-Fi at Home? Register WiFi or Face DOT Action

  1. You can always just find your nearest public Wi-Fi hotspot online. It’s much quicker and easier.


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