Ada Lovelace Day 09

Much of technology we use daily has some element of software driving it. If not anything, there will be a software that meters usage and calculates the bills due. Programming is defining and most important aspect of software and software engineering. And today being Ada Lovelace Day 09, it is good time to blog about the first programmer. Instead of just nostalgia, it is also good time to celebrate the present day women in technology. The idea is to highlight the role models such that more get inspired and take up technology roles. But I can hear you say, ‘Hey, what is in it for me?’. Here you go: It is said that adding women to software engineering team makes the team more grounded and rounded and makes the business more focused. There is anecdotal evidence shared even in on of the earlier blog post. To put it more directly, celebrating women in technology could even extricate every one from global economic recession faster, cheaper, easier.

Instead of blogging about just one person, I think it is a good idea to blog about as many of them. So here is the list in no particular order( mostly influenced by my twitter timeline, duh):

  • @aDeSe Uninhibited sharing! Leveraging Technology to build a huge contact network. On the verge of spinning her own consulting practice.
  • @eve11 Mixing technology and telepathy at ease. Using one to bridge people on other side.[ Yes you can take it with a pinch of salt!]
  • @dina Not just using technology for making friends, and for social causes, puting it to work and making money!
  • @dstrawberrygirl Co-founder Reaction Grid – increasingly popular opensource virtual world. Self proclaimed coding Ninja!
  • @missrogue Wuffies, co-founder BarCamp movement, tech to the masses.
  • @Netra (Tech, entrepreneurship) Event coordinator, people connector, Power of 140 illustrator during Mumbai terrorist attack.
  • @PriyaRaju Passionate self-proclaimed geek balancing tech startup, writing, parenting, etc.
  • just_reva Outspoken. At home in Chennai away from home(Singapore) using technology for everything from day-to-day to one-of-a-kind.
  • Sanjukta Non-techie, finding expression via technology that makes expression faster, cheaper, smarter. At home with geeks. Passionate about collective action as well as individuality.
  • @torridluna Ace virtual world scripter, tech early adpter. At the intersection of Art, coding/scripting, system integration, and sharing.
  • @vintfalken Runs a blog that is by-word for Virtual World related developments. Apart from Breaking VW news, breaking new grounds, and pushing the limits of virtual world photography. [Example of defining a new category by practicing the work/art]

That is enough to make up a cricket team. I can go on and on. Well, you get the idea. Just look around and celebrate. You will be surprised and inspired!


About labsji

I blog, Therefore I exist ! Funny things are funny to me. Cool things are cool to me. Innovations tick me. I attempt spirituality religiously :)
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2 Responses to Ada Lovelace Day 09

  1. Sanjukta says:

    Wow, am featured at something… Didn’t know who or what is Ada Lovelace, Googled. But still not sure why a day is dedicated to her. I guess that’s the point our lives are built by so many factors we aren’t even aware of…

  2. revatechnic says:

    Thank you so much for featuring me labsji. It is an honour. And keep blogging.

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