Service Innovation – A workshop by Crafitti Consulting and Elephantversity

You like it or not, Indian Tech Industry is deeply entrenched in Service. With the global economic slowdown, service based biz are under severe pressure if not under threat. Indian tech industry players face the choice of reinventing themselves as product businesses or re-invent their service itself. Both requires a lot choices and design. And there is help available in the form of workshop. Karthikeyan Iyer of Crafitti writes:

As we experience unprecedented change in our business environment, the need for innovation has become more acute, more urgent.

In this context, Crafitti Consulting and Elephantversity Institute of Innovation are offering a focused workshop on Service Innovation, as a means to assist business stakeholders to unlock hidden bandwidth and create new growth opportunities.  Please find details of the workshop below.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop! Also requesting you to forward this invite on to your colleagues and friends!

(The workshop brochure pdf can be downloaded from

I’m sure the course will be useful. I can vouch for the quality of the organizers(Both Crafitti and Elephant Design).  Feel free to visit my earlier post(
Ashwini Deshpande, Elephant Design) for some evidence.
The course is on 09 Apr 09 9am-5pm at Pune. Contact: Karthikeyan Iyer karthikeyan.iyer Shift2 crafitti doot com


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  1. Fëanor says:

    Kulls: It’s Ada Lovelace Day today, so although this is off-topic, it’s sort of relevant to your blog in general: celebrating Women in Technology. Anyone you would care to write about? If you can do so, today’s the day to post. I’m still wondering whom to write about.

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