Sim-OnDemand application : Opensim as data visualization tool

What is the point of a personal virtual world(Opensim) server like the Sim-OnDemand and what is the point of running it off Amazon Infrastructure?

One interesting answer is Visualization.


Well, here is a screen shot that illustrates visualization of ListMania related books of a given book.

Slicing and dicing data visually and collaboratively is one application for a personal virtual world. And Opensim with little python code can be very handy in that front.


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2 Responses to Sim-OnDemand application : Opensim as data visualization tool

  1. Krish says:

    Great appeal…

    I tend to think of industries which are hamstrung by lack of visualization effects in their customer outreach initiatives… Which are the industries – in your opinion – where this feature will be best monetized…? How long before ad agencies take to it and turn it into a commodity and offer it as part of package to its clients?

  2. labsji says:

    When customer is flooded with choices, visualization helps. In a way it is shifting the information overload to sensory overload.
    The interestingness of OpenSim is it can be done/viewed as a group – each one logging in from the comfort of their desktop.

    Sim-OnDemand indeed makes the service as a commodity right away. I’m targeting the geeks first to get the teething troubles out of the way.

    Thanks for your question, it is opening up new opportunities if only conceptually.

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