AWS DevPay: Learning by Doing – Making Money With OpenSource

AWS DevPay is one of lesser publicized and presumably under utilized service by Amazon Web Services. A Platform + Community play becomes an growing, thriving ecosystem when barriers of making money off the ecosystem are reduced. DevPay makes it possible to add value to AWS offerings viz., Compute on Demand(EC2), Storage on Demand(S3) and sell licenses of the value addition to world at large.

Metering Muck

One of the difficulties in offering Software as a Service(SaaS) is keeping track of the utilization and usage linked billing. AWS License service aka DevPay takes the pain off the utilization metering. Utilization records can easily get mucky and difficult to ‘get it right’. Even if ‘getting it right’ is figured out, earning the reputation that metering is indeed accurate all the time is not easy. DevPay takes away the worries about utilization records, keeps track of it all on SaaS provider’s behalf. What is the fun in just metering if it cannot be converted into cash? Welcome Billing Muck….

Billing Muck

Once you have got past the metering muck, next step is charging for the service. When it comes to billing, there is no escape from credit card information maintenance. Or Making the service user agree to billing terms. All that needs to be in-place before the SaaS provider can calculate the dues and charge it on the payment instrument. Because money is involved, billing could soak up considerable attention.
DevPay to the rescue again – DevPay not just takes care of the metering, it will take care of the invoicing and billing too! Here what DevPay brings to the table is of enormous value: Amazon’s Reputation and Trust. Think about it, even if you get all the technical pieces of payment processing right, let us face it, people will think twice before they start trusting you with their credit card.
In short, DevPay’s promise is simple and compelling: Amazon will handle the Metering and Billing muck and expose it to SaaS provider via API! DevPay fee is utility priced like other AWS offerings.


Now, even if the above sounds like AWS Kool-aid talking, I’m sure I heave established that DevPay is worth exploring and learning. In order to learn how DevPay actually works out in real-life, I’m assembling a tiny and simple SaaS offering and making it available via DevPay. It is called Sim-OnDemand, it is a packaging of rapidly evolving 3D virtual world server software – OpenSimulator – as an Amazon Machine Image(AMI).

The idea is to share the learnings as it happens so that it benefits the SaaS, AWS community and in a small way influence the evolution of DevPay API too.

Bonus Links

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