Amazon Web Services Event 26 May 08, IIT Madras 5:30pm

If you need to travel, do you buy a ticket for a plane/train ride or do you start building the rail road/airline infrastructure? But when it comes to computing infrastructure, until recently there were no ‘buy the ticket’ kind of option – you have to build the infrastructure all by yourself. With the advent of fast and cheap bandwidth, trends like on demand utility computing/compute infrastructure on the cloud looks promising. With reputed players like Amazon Web Services, Google( App Engine), Microsoft, and Sun betting heavily on the trend, the utility computing model is reaching the tipping point threshold. Want to know more about the trend and know how you can save money/make money riding the trend?
If you are in Chennai on 26th May, you are in luck: The next edition of Amazon Web Services Chennai Enthusiasts group meeting is scheduled to take place on at 5:30, Mon 26th May 08 at IC&SR, IIT Madras, Adayar Chennai 36. The theme of the event is ‘Getting Started with Amazon Web Services‘ with focus on peer-to-peer showcasing. Jinesh Varia, tech evangalist, Amazon Web Services will be making an interactive presentation on ‘Cloud computing for Startups and Enterprises‘. The presentation will serve as an intro to AWS, and the peer-to-peer showcasing illustrate how people are putting the platform to good use. The showcasing is an excellent opportunity to exchange and share tips, tricks and cool hacks one came across while developing AWS based web applications.

Be there!


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