Iran Indian Joint Conference on Nanotech: Prof Ali Beitollahi’s Invitation

Close to the heels of Indo-Japanese Nanotech initiative and Nano Technology Conclave 2008, the Iran India Joint Conference on Nanotechnology(IIJCN) is all set for Apr 27 – 29 2008. The conference is to be held in Tehran, Iran and is organized by Tehran University of Medical Science, and is co-sponsored by Iran Nano-Technology Initiative.
I came to know about the conference during the Nanotech Conclave 2008 presentation by Prof Ali Beitollahi heading the Iran Nano Technology Infrastructure Development Committee. Prof Beitollahi says there are more than 57 companies in Iran involved in nano tech activities of which 20 have successful
products till date. Iran Nano tech business network is a good place to start exploring about their offerings. They have a nano tube production unit with – 20kg/day output.
They make their own Scanning Tunneling microscope and export them too. A Nano additive for petrol makes it greener. They do Stem cell research and have made advances in cellular nano scaffolding.

Responding to the question of how resources gets shared, Prof Beitollahi recounted how every research group wants their own machinery and control them with lock and key. To encourage sharing, the Iran Nano Initiative has devised a incentive program that makes more funding available based on sharing score. Even service offered by technicians are included in the scoring and surprisingly and very interestingly, the incentive program works. Yet another reason to go to the conference at Tehran and see for yourself how it works!

Here is a segment from the conference website that caught my eyes:

So strong is the Persian aptitude for versifying everyday expressions that one can encounter poetry in almost every classical work, whether from Persian literature, science, or metaphysics. For example, almost half of Avicenna’s medical writings are known to be versified. Works of the early era of Persian poetry are characterized by strong court patronage, an extravagance of panegyrics, and what is known as سبک فاخر (“exalted in style”).

“Love’s nationality is separate from all other religions,
The lover’s religion and nationality is the Beloved (God).
The lover’s cause is separate from all other causes.
Love is the astrolabe of God’s mysteries”.—Rumi.

Nanotech is verse of different kind and Iran India Joint Conference on Nanotech will showcase some of the gems of that kind for sure.

Further, Mr Ali Morteza Birang, Attache, Head of Technology Cooperation Section, Embassy of Iran at New Delhi will be happy to provide additional information and coordination for the event. He can be reached by email birang at gmail dot com.


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    off topic, how did the chennai twitter meetup go?

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