Nano Tech Conclave: I-CanNano: Dr Arup Chatterjee- The Infosys of Nano?

The most inspiring session at Nano Tech Conclave was the talk by Dr Arup Chatterjee CEO, I-CANNano.
Dr Arup Kumar Chatterjee - nano tech entrepreneur
I-CanNano’s success story thus far is a case of applying cutting edge technology to an age old commodity product – the humble paint and coatings. The fundamental change in material characteristics translates as benefits like scratch resistance, less corrosion, longer life etc. At the coating front, the automotive glass coated with I-CanNano coating makes it more transparent under rain conditions. The water droplets run off due to the smoothness of the surface thereby increasing the clarity.

They have applied their nano material knowledge to fine tune different properties like, transparency, thermal or electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, etc and perfected the production method to industrial scale.

Interestingly, they undertake collaborative contract research too. This is a good thing, they are not stuck with product mindset or too carried away by service mindset( the bane of IT boom). Surely I-CanNano and its founder Dr Arup Chatterjee are worth watching and tracking. His team is poised to be the Infosys of Indian nano-tech!


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2 Responses to Nano Tech Conclave: I-CanNano: Dr Arup Chatterjee- The Infosys of Nano?

  1. JYOTIRMOY DEY says:

    Respected Sir.
    I want your email id to contact you as I was told by my teacher Dr H L Yadav (NIT Jsr) that you can help me in my project. Waiting for your reply in anticipation..
    Thank You

  2. Dear Arup,

    You have not been in contact with me for a very long time. Send me your email and more about your company and the work,
    I hope you remember my email address;



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