NASSCOM e-Gov, Walking the talk, and Leadership

Generally I don’t pay much attention to NASSCOM as they champion the big league and cater to different segment of Indian IT. Yesterday, I was led to the NASCOMM Leadership Forum’s blog via Kiruba’s twitter stream. I found the blogpost on “NASSCOM Chairman’s Wishlist for the IT Ministry” and spontaneously left the following comment on it:

Balaji Sowmyanarayan:

All this while, when the grass is( was?) green on the other side(US and developed markets), what was the celebrated NASSCOM doing? Busy pitching for easier visa regimes? And looking down upon domestic market. Why this sudden love for e-governance now?

Somehow the intent is not very convincing.

-Balaji S.

Today when I casually checked up the blog for updates, I was surprised and amused to find the comment was ‘Moderated’ – read no where to be seen in the blog.

I might be totally wrong in my opinion, but how will I ever get a chance to update my opinion if discussion on it is curtailed before it got started? NASSCOM is respected to be the trend setter on IT matters that affect the IT industry and IT in India at large. If this is how NASCOM encourages participation, I have doubts about their Leadership on IT matters. Very ironic, the conference is titled India Leadership Forum. Here is the #1 objective of NASCOM listed under Objective( NASSCOM web site):

Maintaining close interaction with the Government of India in formulating National IT policies with specific focus on IT software and services

Purpose of e-governance as I understand it is to make wider participation accessible to larger set of people, and also encourage/include contra views in the governance process.
I’m hoping that the ‘Moderation’ was a oversight, otherwise I really really fear e-governance entrusted under NASSCOM leadership.


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7 Responses to NASSCOM e-Gov, Walking the talk, and Leadership

  1. Hi Balaji, good point. I didn’t know that the comments are moderated (strange, eh?) until you pointed me to it.

    I don’t have any moderation rights (meaning I don’t get initmations when new comments come in nor can I approve/delete them.

    Will check with the NASSCOM team as to who has the control.

    BTW, I liked your question and have an answer. But will get your comment approved first and then get down to answering it.


  2. labsji says:

    Welcome Kiruba.
    That is new insights on ‘Digital Divide’. Indeed, the future is already here and unevenly distributed. He he.

    Moderation is very understandable. Moderation without involving the blog author? Hmm.

    Strange and interesting.

  3. sanjukta says:

    Who is the blog author? Kiruba?

    You know moderation is an interesting subject to debate upon. Just few days back I made an issue out of moderation.

    To me it’s very annoying, I wouldn’t attribute any respect to a blog if the comments on it are moderated.

  4. labsji says:

    @sanjukta As a corporate blog, moderation based on stated policy is understandable. ‘Living room policy’ is most popular with individual blogs for instance.

    Without a stated policy, removing comments sucks.

  5. Hi Labsji

    Can I have your mobile number. My brother requires your number. Please send it to my email id

  6. Krish says:

    Reminds me of the Ford (Model T – 1908) color option to its car buyers – “any color, so long as it is black”.

    Nasscom lags by a century I guess 😉

    Labs, don’t you worry. Use your blog to rip’em !

  7. labsji says:

    Welcome back Krish,

    Nasscom is too busy lobbying, that they cannot invest the time in mere ‘hearing alternative point of views’.

    Very unfortunate that Nasscom might turn out to be ‘Yet another powerful block to be alert against’.

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