Green Enticements – tree for profile update

“We will plant a tree for that”
Tree Planting for Profile
Chanced to look at AutoDesk‘s website and found they they are promising to plant a tree for updating a profile. Very interesting enticement. I wish they share more info about the results of the program. BTW, I visited Autodesk site just to check their location based service offering and SDK. With so much interest in being Carbon Neutral, creating a database of trees in a locality along with a lot of additional information about the tree will be a good starting point for the Gen M to appreciate trees in their terms.

Project Green Hands is a mass tree planting initiative to increase the green cover of Tamil Nadu state by 33%. It is a people’s movement with involvement of children and youth. If anyone wants to offer the same enticement, Project Green Hands is the place to go.


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