Serendipity Enhancer: RippleRap Conference Notes Sharing

While via Secondlife featuring is to enhance participation and interaction for remote participants, RippleRap Conference notes sharing is to enhance sharing and serendipity for event attendees. RippleRap is based on tiddlywiki a browser based personal wiki. Agenda and basic information about participating startups will be preloaded in the tiddlywiki. During the presentation, the wiki will be very handy for notes taking. Interestingly, the notes will be synced up periodically with other tiddlywiki instances thereby effecting notes sharing.

Priming the tiddlywiki file with agenda, and startup information is the effort to be done prior to the event. Informing, educating and assiting the participants about RippleRap notes sharing is the effort to be undertaken during the event. The purpose of this post is to find volunteers that will help in this effort. Some data entry for typing in the agenda on to the tiddlywiki file is to be done.

RippleRap team, represented by Phil Whitehouse and others(Phil Hawksworth, Paul Downey, Osmosoft team) were kind enough to setup the sync server specially for proto. They really went out of their way to get RippleRap working for proto. A loud shoutout of cheers to them! He Ha!
What is Ripplerap


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