FilmCamp at Mylapore Fest: Let us make a movie…

Sundaram Finance Mylapore Fest with all its vibrancy is adding FilmCamp to the festivities. The setting is very conducive for short film making especially with a Modern Meets Conservative Madras/Mylapore twist.
Mylapore Fest
FilmCamp.TV is an organization that focuses on teaching, producing and screening new Indian cinema. As part of the teaching initiative, FilmCamp.TV conducts one-day workshops called ‘1:1 Filmmaking Workshop’. At these workshops, complete novices organized in groups, make one-minute films.

This is a unique filmmaking workshop in that participants collaboratively write scripts, storyboard it, shoot it (using cameras provided) and edit their films (using Mac computers also provided). The workshop is entirely hands-on for participants. Every stage of production is overseen by instructors. All films are completed in one day. Completed films are screened on HYPERLINK “” website and also at offline screenings.

The workshop is intended as media empowerment for the common man. With the advent of digital filmmaking, the associated tools have become more easily accessible. FilmCamp.TV aims to use these tools to demystify the filmmaking process and make it available to the common man. FilmCamp.TV has successfully conducted 7 such workshops in Bangalore, Chennai and Mysore in the last two months. Over a hundred participants from ages 13 to 60 have gone through these workshops. The 25 plus short films made so far at these workshops are testimony to its success. Visit to view these films.

In addition to the workshop, FilmCamp.TV has instituted a Grassroot Filmmakers Grant for participants of these workshops. The grant provides the budding filmmaker with equipment (camera) and editing facility to make their next film. The aim is to build communities of filmmakers that support one another in making films.

The following are details of the workshop:

Venue: Mylapore, Nageshwar Rao Park

Date: Saturday, 5th January: 8.00 am to 8.00 pm

Requirements: Open to ages 12 and above. Bring book, pen and bottle of water. All equipment provided. No food provided.

For more info visit: HYPERLINK “” or Call Raghu: 92434 22797 or Hari: 99013 04972

PS: Sorry for the earlier title that said it was for free. Hrish quickly adds that the workshop fee is Rs 1000.


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