BusinessGyan, Twitter brings out surreal in the mundane

Twitter Surreal

Charu Bahri‘s roundup of Web2.0 for SME poped up in BusinessGyan recently. Some of the things I filled her about Twitter and WordPress found its way into the article. Obvious Inc indeed is Twitter Inc, and there is a umbrella metaphor in the blog that explains it. That is besides the point for SME though:

Ever observed youngsters hanging out, seemingly doing nothing, yet busy all the same text twiddling their mobiles? The camaraderie and the gossip bonds them. Now you can not just beat them in their game, you can jump in and join them! That seems to be the message that Labsji sends out in recommending Twitter, a ‘free’ Web based group texting service from Obvious Inc. In many ways, Twitter scores ahead of plain cell texting. But Twitter comes with a twist, for although it is Web based wherein it is feasible to offer a virtually limitless message size by design, Twitter ‘SMS’ messages are restricted to a maximum size of 140 letters. This design choice makes Twitter available via the most basic phones.

It is said that art, yoga, freedom and restrictions are related in a very very subtle way. Human creativity( freedom) flourishes where restrictions are opted in:

Labsji is all praise for this restriction, as he says “the restriction of 140 letters though technically motivated tends to bring out the surreal in the mundane – that changes the entire dynamics for the group.” Why? Forced brevity ensures smart conversations. In the personal sphere, less works as more, brevity of the mundane knits relationships that get more interesting with time! Over time, the network of twittering people that you know expands, which is invariably handy in advancing business or career goals. After all, as Web 2.0 and the open source software movement indicate, business development is now all about conversing and sharing, not so much targeted advertising.

If you think about it, the web is in a de javu – the good old ways of delivering Usenet via tape transfer is getting played out with little mobility thrown in. Common denominators and minimalism rulez:

In this regard, Labsji talks of the Internet and the Web predecessor – Usenet, both of which were strong proponents of the common denominator approach. This approach has come a full circle in Twitter, as the service is all about establishing a common denominator and giving an impetus to community dynamics. If you think of it, isn’t that what Web 2.0 and open source software are also all about?

Bonus Links:

Twitter and Enterprise by J P Rangaswami CIO British Telecom and Confused Of Calcutta: Twitter brings in the sideways encounter bar stool metaphor into the enterprise. More likeSaHaNa VaVaTu

RedMonk says Twitter Is Money – strange when Twitter’s monetization model is, well, not Obvious 🙂

And Dennis Howlett on Twitter and News – rather democratization of News and response to it and shortening of the time cycle. BTW, what is the co-relation between Moore’s law, attention span and (biz)’cycle times’?


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