Amazon Web Services Chennai Meetup: I love this community!

The much awaited Chennai AWS Enthusiasts, Startup founders and wannabe meetup was a total success. The response was overwhelming. There were more than fifty( 56 on last count) registrants at the event’s wiki. Nearly sixty people attended the event.
Jinesh Varia did an excellent presentation on Amazon Web Services in the startup context. He talked about AWS in general, and moved on to S3, EC2 and SQS. The style of presentation was informal and the flow very fluid. As someone mentioned, content worth a full day workshop, was capsuled into an hour and an half.

Siddharta has video footage of Jinesh’s presentation Part1, Part2.

The meetup took place at Rails Factory, Senthil Nagayam, Dinesh and rest of the Rails Factory team worked really hard to attend to every little detail of the arrangement. I just had to wish it and it was there. Hat tip to the Rails Factory team!

Narain of 360 Degree Interactive – kicked off the event with his genial introduction and made sure that the meetup started in time, flowed smoothly and ended in time.

Prior to the meetup, there were several productive 1:1 discussions.
My key take aways were:
1) There is an active community of AWS users in Chennai, and a wider section of AWS wannabe users.
2) Amazon is serious about removing hurdles on the way of widespread AWS usage.
3) Community rulez! Organizing this meetup was an effortless and pleasant experience – the community just responds and gathers around and makes it a success!


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