RippleRap: The New Twitter Killer for events

I was waiting for the LeWeb, not for the conference as such but for the Ripplerap TiddlyWiki mod. The tiddly hack works as a simple wiki based notes taker offline. When there is connection to the Internet/Intranet, it collects notes from other users and makes it available.
Let me be a bit unfair to the devl team now. I see there is a lot of ConfusedOfCalcutta in this piece of software – the good old Bloomberg chat wine in new tiddly micro bottle. His open-the-inbox-for-everyone-to-see has resulted in this new monster. And because it is from the stable of BT, you can also make a call! A through confusion on ‘Because of Effect’. I casually tested it, I did get the call to my mobile but got hung up before I was able to further test it. The fact that the call got initiated itself is interesting.

The simplicity of Tiddlywiki, with the versatility of BT API access is indication of the mashing era just round the corner. I was surprised to find that the Mojo API plugin was only 2KB and it was just a few lines(~60) of code. I was disappointed to find that it was proxy and server based. It is not making REST calls directly as I was eagerly anticipating.

All is not well with the user interaction design. The jumpy scroll up and down to find all notes of a particular session becomes annoying. But sure worth a spin!
What is RippleRap?


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2 Responses to RippleRap: The New Twitter Killer for events

  1. Balaji,

    I’m delighted to learn that you were keenly anticipating RippleRap!

    I don’t think that any of us working on it are hoping that it will become a ‘Twitter Killer’ at conferences or indeed anywhere else. I am a keen Twitter user ( at conferences like LeWeb and see RippleRap as something complimentary, rather than trying to be a replacement.

    It would be nice to expand RippleRap to incorporate something like a nice Twitter interface, so that you could post tweets from within the RippleRap UI which could be queued if the web access was unavailable, and posted to Twitter when it returned.

    Your comments about the interaction design are all sound. This is very much a version 0.1 release and we have a lot of usability issues to address. It was interesting seeing how people used it at LeWeb (or perhaps I say “during LeWeb”, since some users were accessing it remotely) and some obvious usage patterns emerged that will help us with our UI design.

    The use of Mojo ( to leverage the BT SDK ( to make calls is intended to be nice and simple. A sensible and simple REST interface for making phone calls etc is the intention. I gather that there was a last minute techie issue that required us to use a proxy, but this should not be the typical experience. More info should be available from the Mojo site.

    Thanks for your feedback. RippleRap should evolve in the coming months, so let’s hope that you like the direction it takes.

  2. labsji says:

    Thanks Phil for the detailed comment.
    I can totally relate to you about last minute tech issues – well there is always next conference just round the corner.

    I’m a big fan of tiddly wiki. It has the potential to democratize the opensource movement. Compelling Applications like RippleRap will add momentum.

    Hats off – I’m looking forward for the next versions with even more anticipation.

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