, MindTree Osmosis: Unconference adaptations to watch

The unconference trend set by BarCamp and other unconference is undergoing rapid adoption and transformation. MindTree’s Osmosis the annual tech fest is going the BarCamp way on the final day. Other noteworthy adaptation is the which started off as roof top film festival(RTTF). In tune with the trend of not just passive consumption but active creation, it morphed into bunch of enthusiasts wanting to make movies. Though with all the digital goodness, making movie is still non-trivial. It is not yet a casual solo-play for most aspirants.
FilimCamp Workshop
Taking this into consideration, FilimCamp organizes one-on-one hands on workshop on film making. Right from ideation to editing and screening is taken care! The most interesting aspect of FilimCamp is it is paid, and the level of participation expected is very intense. There is going to be rapid fire workshops in Chennai as well as Bangalore now and more to come.

MindTree Osmosis
MindTree Osmosis is adoption of the unconference trend in corporate/enterprise environ. It serves the purpose of inducing the free and open/sharing culture of unconfrenece within the corp, and also creates better mindshare, and more importantly act as a recruitment ground. But an unconference is only as good as its sessions, interactions and relationships built. Diversity and the mix of participants plays a huge role in success of an unconference. With just a week to go, the MindTree Osmosis participant list looks more like an MindTree internal exercise with hardly any participation leave alone diversity. Lack of visibility, benefits of attendance not obvious, and locational disadvantage can be attributed to the slow uptake thus far. As mentioned earlier, let us see how this works out.
UPDATE: Abhishek Kant has an interesting take on BarCamp Delhi 3, an instance of a BarCamp done outside the city. Abhishek Kant’s registration to actual participation figures.


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9 Responses to, MindTree Osmosis: Unconference adaptations to watch

  1. Ramblingman says:

    Is it a conference of Kaliwood black films or the much aclaimed polyglot Mollywood from Mumbai.

    Why is that site filmcamp not working just like the african indianbrains!!!!!!!!

  2. labsji says:

    @Ramblingman Thanks for your rambling. Now the link to work.

    The camp is by the digitariti to be exact. You can call it DiGoolywood if you wish.

  3. Shahnawaz Khan says:

    Osmosis is an ‘internal’ event to MindTree and it’s only because of the unconference format of the final day that ‘external participation’ has been opened up — in a true spirit of an unconference.

    MindTree could have very well chosen to keep the unconference internal and not share it with outside world. I must say it takes courage & conviction to do so.

    In my opinion, this single act of adopting the unconference format for Osmosis final day and making the unconference open to public participation is a great step and I believe that this also serves the purpose of bringing such social & emergent concepts into the corporate mainstream and share with other people on how these can be ‘adapted’ to corporate environments.

    Feel free to join in and I can share with you on how MindTree has a flavor of unconference sessions going on in it’s 40+ communities on a weekly basis.

  4. labsji says:

    Indeed Shahnawaz, it is bold step. I think the ambiguity on the internal vs external is not well articulated. And that is probably the reason the regular conference goers are taking a wait and watch approach.

    But dont expect trophies for adopting a format as such. As Tara Hunt puts it, it is celebration of the (longtail?) local and empowerment. If the spirit is maintained, eventually both internal and the external players will gravitate.

    Shanawaz, is there a like live coverage of the event or any of the weekly events. That will make a good teaser for the community at large. Like children, even very good things need to be offered with enticement!

  5. Shahnawaz Khan says:

    Obviously, expecting trophies for adopting the unconference format is sooo ‘conference’ like 🙂

    I think organizations, especially in India, take a wait and watch approach to lots of things. However, once you have few examples of things out there, it becomes easy for other organizations to adopt emerging concepts

    Osmosis unconference allows folks in other organizations to take this as an example and try and weave emergent, local, social concepts into their organizations fabric. So if some passionate bunch of people want to try out an unconference in their organization, and they pitch it to their decision makers, such examples of corporate adoption of unconferences help in spreading this movement. In my ‘personal’ opinion, that is the biggest + in making osmosis unconference open for external participation.

    There is no feed available, as of now, for the weekly community events — thats the next battle :-). Stay tuned….

    Thanks for the inputs. Really appreciated…

  6. labsji says:

    Making it easy for the next (corporate pragmatism )mountain climber by leaving a rope to climb!
    Hats off!

  7. Ujj says:

    Oh how great it would have been to have had a talk by you on secondlife in Osmosis. You know second life was mentioned more than once during the event, thought about giving you a buzz but wasnt sure whether youd be able to make it. It was a great event btw.

  8. labsji says:

    Hey Ujj,
    Loved to have attended via any of the remote participation options. I did’nt see much of live twitter from you during the event. Though twitter was one of your topic of discussion. I glanced through the wiki and found that the topics were really interesting. You must have put in some effort to assemble the content much ahead, so that the fence sitters would have crossed the barrier.

    Wish you a bigger and bouncier success next time around!

  9. hari prasad says:

    Hey guys…. Thanks for the post on us…

    people who have been tryin to log in to FilmCamp… here is our official site. its

    Check it out and enjoy.. 😀

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