Unconference Becoming Mainstream?

Just got a tweet from Ujj that the Mindtree annual festival is going to be BarCamp style unconference. Coincidentally when Tara ‘MissRogue’ Hunt heartbrokenly lamenting that BarCamp is about LOCAL and GRASSROOT and empowering. Hmmmm!

Yeah, it is inevitable that LOCAL sometimes gets lost in translation as LOLCAT. Let us see how it pans out at Mindtree. I’m more keen to watch how it percolates down the IT also ran ladder.

While that happens in the physical unconferences, the virtual unconference is slowly maturing. Judging by Jeff Barr’s recent SecondLife presentation on Amazon Web Services, the quality of discussion pre-and post event, Virtual Unconference will become mainstream faster.
When Jeff Barr was evangalizing AWS on expected lines with deftness…
Jeff Barr - Evangalist AWS at Dr Dobbs
there were several ‘Visual’ conversations happening like the Reindeer/Santa Avatar on the front row:
Reindeer Avatar
I see that with time lot more features( how about using some Havoc4 Physics for a show and tell?) of Virtual Worlds will be put to use to express and have a conversation making it a richer unconference.


PS: Speaking of unconference and Amazon Web Services, do you know that Amazon Web Services, Chennai Meetus is on 13 Dec? If you happen to be there in Chennai be there to hear about AWS from Jinesh Varia and other Startups on how AWS is cool, useful and reduces the entry barrier.

UPDATE: Sid Govindaraj has some interesting observations on MindTree Osmosis Barcamp. Given that this is second (public) unconference they are hosting(KM KAMP-blr was the first), I’m sure balance will prevail. Let us see. Perhaps they can make it easy to ‘See’ by making the BarCamp available also via SecondLife, ustream.tv etc.


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