AWS Chennai: Amazon Web Services Meetup 13 Dec 07 – RailsFactory – Jaffarkhanpet

Do you build thermal power station to electrify your microwave oven? No? Similarly why do you have to worry about building server farms and data centers to run your sprawling Web Application? Yes, Utility computing makes everything needed to to run a Web Application in electric utility model – scalable, no minimum, no maximum( well practically), and post-paid metered billing. It is not a concept, with Amazon Web Services it is a compelling reality. With AWS, you can forget infrastructure hassles and focus on improving your Web Application and serving your customers. And of course save money doing so.

What is Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is an attempt by to retail out the computing and backend infrastructure that powers the seamless operation of The rationale for opening up the infrastructure to developers at large including competition stems from the realization of Jeff Bezos, CEO that ‘The biggest cost is – is lack of utilization. It dominates all other costs’. It is also an attempt to beat the Internet tech leaders Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to beat them in their game by leaping ahead and gain entrenched incumbent status in utility computing.
AWS Logo
Presently some ten services including limitless storage(S3), on demand server instance(EC2), orchestration( SQS) are part of AWS offering. Mechanical Turk(Mturk) a marketplace for fine grained Human Intelligence Task(HIT) with built in micro payment mechanism, Flexible Payment System(FPS) are very unique and interesting AWS offerings.

Why AWS is Interesting

If you are a startup, you can get started on your idea/concept without spending upfront on infrastructure. Without worry about growing and scaling infrastructure with growth. This eliminates risks( tech investments depreciate rapidly with ever decreasing half lives!) and reduces cost of failure.

The AWS building blocks offers enormous opportunity for ‘thin layers of value addition’ on top of AWS thereby unleashing entrepreneurial creativity.

AWS is a successful use case of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA). If architecture, infrastructure, capacity building and utilization interests you, AWS is a compelling case study.

AWS is powered by a thriving community of developers and entrepreneurs. The emerging era of opensource and social media makes AWS community worth taking a closer look.

AWS Chennai Meetup

Amazon Web Services Meetup is a place for present and prospective AWS users to network and exchange notes. On the Dec 13 meeting at RailsFactory, Jinesh Varia, AWS evangilist from Amazon will outline Amazon Web Services compelling propositions. It is an opportunity to network with other startups and developers with interest in the domain. Demos and 1:1 meeting opportunities are also part of the scheduled activities.

The program is scheduled for 5:00 pm. 1:1 meeting with Jinesh to discuss your specific requirement and your AWS feedback/wishlist are possible at the venue from 2:00pm onwards. The venue(RailsFactory) is just off the Jaffarkhanpet bridge near Kasi Theater junction.
More details and registration at the AWS Chennai Wiki. Demos and AWS user experience sharing in Speed Geeking fromat – check it out!

Join the fun. Rush, (unlike AWS )capacity is limited 😉


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