Amazon Kindle: Fake Jeff Bezos Anyone?

After giving Google, Yahoo, Microsoft(GYM) run for their money through Amazon Web Services, Jeff Bezos is now angling to disrupt Apple’s cart! Amazon Kindle( via C|net) is the new iTunes+iPod+iPhone for books sans PC, Phone, or back lit display.
Amazon Kindle
Interestingly, Amazon Kindle is also a (top)blog reader, throw in Amazon Short into the equation – boom there is a new way to monetize written content. Another interesting combination will be access to Amazon Grocery + Amazon Prime + Amazon Kindle – save time grocery shopping and use the time to read a short! Amazon Kindle as a handle(end point) to Flexible Payment Service(FPS) has lot of disruptive potential.

It is just a matter of time to get games integrated into such a device and that will make it wholesome entertainment. Amazon Kindle is very strong on async communication( supports email, and no voice) – perhaps a good addition to the tapestry of digital culture.

PS: Fake Jeff Bezos spotted in SecondLife selling digital planet by the slice! Just kidding.


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3 Responses to Amazon Kindle: Fake Jeff Bezos Anyone?

  1. betterretail says:

    One thing I can say is that it would be awesome if Amazon let me have digital versions of the books I have already bought through my Amazon account.

  2. labsji says:

    Two things makes Kindle very interesting: 1) Jeff Bezos the long haul thinker. The patience to wait beyond the first versions and initial months to succeed and see profits. 2) The lengthening of the Longtail. Now digital content can be customized, personalized and delivered to the reader. A non-fiction book chapters can be reorganized to suit the readers’ familiarity level of the domain. A romance novel can be personalized with character name changes.

    In short books will become more ‘mashable’ and thereby become more ‘liquid’ with a lot of money making opportunity on the ‘derivative work’ ecosystem. Amazon knows how to bootstrap, sustain this kind of community. The ‘indie’ fiction and non-fiction writers will emerge and put DRM where it belongs.

    I’m waiting for the version 3 and 4 of Kindle. Let the Me-too devices accelerate it!

  3. Joe says:

    Kindle’s appearance is certainly reminiscent of an Apple product

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