Is there a rescue camp around? is the most serious of the events yet by Knowledge Foundation. It was Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Optimization experts talking to each other in their own jargons at very high speed. Here is an example of sage advice on how to make loads of money by SEO SEM: Build a startup that disrupts, dis-intermediates traditional media purchase! Go for an IPO, liquidity event at 35x profits – you are home! Oh that was useful take away that I’m going to put to use right now right away. Ha!

There were other interesting and useful sessions too!
Bonus Links:
On Mahesh Murthy – Pinstorm by Rajesh Kumar

Sagaro’s Left and Right take on SEO/SEM
Dino with Attitude’s take on SearchCamp

Update1: Badri of Nrich who has recently signed up for Google JumpStart package is Disappointed with SearchCamp.
Bonus Bonus Link:
It was wonderful to meet Joythirmayee part of iRead facebook success story – ( If you approach her nicely perhaps you can sway her into working for your startup!)

Quote of the Day: Tidel Park’s PR manager: What is Google? via Kriba.

Question of the Day: By Geroge Tai, Obamboo Inc: If SEO/SEM service providers are profitable, why are they not listed in NASDAQ or any other stock exchange?


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2 Responses to Is there a rescue camp around?

  1. ReviewSaurus says:

    Thanks blalaji for the linkback. Well, the quote of the day is actually awesome!!!! Didn’t know people could be living in caves even at this age..he he he

  2. george tai says:

    many thanks to all organizers of searchcamp, what a sucess, isn’t it?
    still, i would see more business people to attend the next event and more detailed seo business proposals will be presented and discussed to make seo a real profitable business.

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