SAP Global Survey: Push vs Pull Machinima

I’ve been consulting for Universal Print System for almost a decade now. Seeing a lot of similarity in pre-press backend activity and social media activities, I asked them to get into social media. I signed them up for the social media related unconfernces and they have got into the groove pretty well as evident from the SAP Global survey machinima we made.

Prasad of UPSL has taken up Wiki, Machinima and Mashups to the heart:

We are also keen on making our business mashable. The rationale for making our business mashable is same as rationale of a Bank installing ATMs. Just like ATMs, Mashables make common transactions frictionless. By making our business mashable,

* We are increasing our capacity utilization. ( We continue to be inspired by Amazon Web Services. Amazon as always a good place to watch trends translated to practice)
* We are pro-actively acknowledging the rapid commoditization.
* We cut down our cost (and our customer’s too) of negotiation and discussion over a commodity offering – the time/effort can be better spent on adding value to the same customer.
* We will be able to cost effectively acquire customers and also widen our customer base.

We( Prasad and I) were just wondering why mashups were not mentioned previously in the SAP Global Survey. We quickly overcome our doubts if we are bit confused about Mashups and social media. Speaking of confused, JP Rangaswamy blogs eloquently about Liquefaction aspect of social media/information. And I strongly believe that mashups/API exposure is a promising strategy for better capacity utilization(liquefaction ?). Amazon Web Services is a star example of capacity liquefaction through mashup readyness. I hope SAP Global Survey will help SAP to make this( capacity liquefaction) possible for Small Businesses too.

Of course, Hugh is doing eXtreme Mashup(XM?) with bluemonster – inspiring!

Microsoft Reserve

Update: Shel Israel links Prasad in Global Neighbourhoods blog. Calls Prasad, “first Indian and first person to extol the virtues of wikis for the survey”

Update2: SAP launches A1S a Saas, Web2.0(?), customization-free/consulting-less ERP for SME. Will A1S make the SME more mashable? Dennis Howlett has more at : Zdnet SAP’s slow hand A1S play


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