Booting AWS Community in Chennai: Wanna mash Tiddly +AWS?

I’ve been experimenting with getting coding work done through Freelance coders in Chennai. Recently I hired Mukundan to mashup of SecondLife Linden Scripting Language(LSL) with Amazon Web Services. Mukundan overcame strange stack heap collisions by tactfully dividing the code and a working( but very slow) code is now ready.
Opensource is religion
I pinged the idea of an Amazon Web Services hackers community at the OpenCoffeecClub Chennai on Sep 2. There is enough interest to take it to the next level. Me think best way build the community is to facilitate it to do some seed work that attract the fence sitters into the community. Then community vibrancy/momentum takes over from there!

Putting the money where my mouth is, I’m initiating a simple project of mashing up TiddlyWiki with Amazon S3. And indeed there is a small cash reward.

When S3+TiddlyWiki is done, the code will be reused for Mturk+TiddlyWiki. The Mturk+TiddlyWiki combo will be handy for developers and lay users of Mturk alike.

Ace Freelance coders in Chennai, Unite! Come add vibrancy to the Startup ecosystem!


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5 Responses to Booting AWS Community in Chennai: Wanna mash Tiddly +AWS?

  1. Sagaro says:

    Woot! I love that Madras Mashers thingy. Would love to join the initiative.

  2. labsji says:

    Hey Sagaro,
    Do you think there will be enough offtake to sustain a community?

  3. Sagaro says:

    Sure! I can think of a bunch of enthu pattanis from my college alone, who would be interested in this. Will spread the word to them and pass them the url of this post… let us see what they think 😀

  4. saqimtiaz says:

    I’ve recently been thinking about an S3 + TiddlyWiki mashup as well. I might even take a crack at it, if I can find the time. Has there been any interest so far?

  5. Saq says:

    My sincerest apologies, for not including any contact information the first time around. Still feeling my way around blog etiquette and practices. Cheers.

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