Twitter Not yet Global in Attitude?

I was amused to read Biz StoneCo-founder of Obvious/Twitter Inc, the people that run twitter. Following Jack Doresy’s tweets it is obvious that there is conscious attempt to increase the footprint in India and China – fastest growing mobile markets.
Here is a snippet from Biz’s newsletter( with emphasis added by me):

What Happened This Morning?

We were performing optimizations to make Twitter faster and more
reliable and it took longer than expected. We scheduled some
downtime for the wee hours of the morning but the work spilled over
into normal human daytime. Hopefully, this didn’t put too much of
a crimp in your Twittering style. The good news is we got the work
done and Twitter is better for it.

If we go by Biz, other time zones are ‘abnormal’?

Last night’s AWS chat(see last post) was attended by Avatars from Australia where the local time was 3:30 in the morning. While space is kind of conquered, time remains a harder nut to crack!
PS: Biz, Don’t take this post too seriously! Enjoy your pasta’s and Lattes in your own space and time!


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