Second Edition: New Frontiers

This is the concluding post covering the startup showcasing event held recently at IIT Chennai organized by The Knowledge Foundation.
The last category of startups to occupy the stage was New Frontiers showcasing companies that defy the regular categorization of Enterprise/Internet/Web2.0/Mobile etc.

First to go on stage was Hariharan of Thinxworks. Much of the presentation was a video show highlighting the cartoon making opportunities and challenges. In the digital age with all digital production based on high-end computing based production, ThinxWorks’s strategy of making movies with Clay animation was counter intuitive – just as the relevance of my Paper File Tracking System in rapid computerization era. There is a lot of opportunity in judicious mix of old methods along with automation using technology. More than the movie making itself I’m excited about the rapid prototyping support ecosystem that will get created by the success of ThinxWorks. I recommend they engage a CandyFab like community in Chennai as a talent pool brew. There were very pertinent IP/execution related questions from the VC sitting in the front row. Given my involvement, I see a lot of interesting potential for ThinxWorks.

Next on stage was Lucid Software presented by C P Madhusudan. Lucid’s software makes the life easy for Non Destructive Testing professionals to gather and use data from different NDT data sources. Given the highly specialized nature of the domain, the NDT system vendors have created software that are tightly coupled to their hardware systems. For the NDT professional, working with multiple systems is a huge messy Kludge. Companies like Lucid will have build very good marketing competency on top of their top-class engineering geekyness and position themselves as De-Kludging providers. De-Kludging can translate into huge cost savings and productivity gains for the user industries. I wish Lucid Software fast success so that it inspires many more such De-Kludge ventures – that will restore the glory of Non-IT/Computer Science engineering domains.

Next on stage was Praveen from Hyper Analytix. Though the EDA industry has powered much of the growth of Hi-Tech thus far, as Sramana Mitra puts it – (snip)EDA industry, seemingly caught in a spin cycle of same ol’ same ol’, fierce price competition, high cost of sales, and an overall unattractive future . The apparent stagnation in the industry is making startups like Hyper Analytix to look at niches like functional verification and attempt ‘quantum leap in productivity, reduce cost by a factor of 10‘. As more things gets packed in ever smaller silicon wafer, functional verification becomes more and more complex and time consuming. Hyper Analytix is leveraging open source platforms and other evolutions in technology to deliver on their mission. May be they can leverage technology like Amazon EC2 make things cheaper/faster. As they say Disruption is Good! Hi Five to Hyper Analytix!


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