Summer Edition: Mobile

I was busy with other things so I was not able to complete my featuring of other presentations.
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The first one to take up the stage in this segment was RareFind and their product is called MoCoDile. They threw in a good dollop of dramatization which was refreshing. Mobile is a space where style and substance go hand in hand!
Mocodile is an interesting offering for sharing content like documents, powerpoints, pictures, music. The selling point is, no special software install necessary! They keep track of the Content’s destination’s handset model details( GPRS phone is needed, some limited SMS based services are also in pipeline), and based on that information, MoCoDile sends an url that can be opened by the handsets default browser.

MoCoDile is interesting in several ways. One it solves a pain point in a neat way. There is a lot of control possible given that it is server based. Having direct access to customer base with little dependence on the telco is a huge attraction. All this positives can work for them depending on how fast they increase their user base and how fast they become a defacto standard. And the telcos will be happy with the data traffic in the near term at least. A look at the Customer page of the web site is very promising. They have 1000+ customers in 60+ countries. The must invest more on marketing in an influential market and somehow make MoCoDile a defacto. All the best for Ajay and Ganesh in their pursuit.

The next company on stage was WinFin Technologies presented by Raghavendra Prasad. They say in Role Playing Games(RPGs) – speak softly and carry a +9 mace – translates as ‘be polite and carry a powerful weapon’ – for the RPG challenged. The Mobistream product makes your mobile a powerful secure trading terminal with all the information needed make the decision to trade. I think they have to make it more dramatic and relate it to consumer usage situations. The possibility of how an accounts clerk in a SME with a long train commute can become a millionaire through financial data based trading during her commute. How such a mobile terminal can deliver e-commerce/banking/insurance services to the under served. ( When I tried their website is down, so not able to get more info about their other offerings etc)

Ziva – Mobile Social Answer Engine was the next company to be featured on stage presented by Ajay Sethi assisted by Sidharth, and Sameer. There is a lot of money to be made in making people live with the restrictions of the mobile device. When you are searching from your mobile, you dont want to search every thing in the world( as Google does). Just by eliminating the How and Why type of questions from the search increases the relevance of content for mobile. That is exactly what Ziva is attempting. Add in a good old yahoo like Directory structure you get finer search results. Add in social networking with rating, friends, friend’s recommendations, location based filtering the search becomes even more sharper and relevant. Ziva/Zook has some patent pending stuff and is VC funded. They are scouting for partners that will add value to their Answer Engine Platform. Their website needs to give out more information than what is presented, unfortunately I was not able to cross check my understanding of Ziva in Ziva’s website. And they need a registration-less demo on their site too.

Next on stage was BuzzWorks by V C Karthic. Who was quick to add that the V C in his name has nothing to do with Venture Capital 🙂 As I understand it is a very local mobile based yellow pages. It is voice based too. Karthic illustrated the usage situation with the problem of finding someone who will Iron/press his shirt at 7am in T Nagar Chennai. Interesting aspect of it is it is a User Generated Content based local yellow pages. Sort of a mobile based Wiki with local yellow pages information. The service is targeted towards unsophisticated( and possibly illiterate ) local service providers like plumbers, electric appliance repairman/installer, gardener etc. In terms of technology choice, in their voice recognition engine, they steered away from speech to text and choose speech to phoneme. And the voice engine is based on open source. I get inspired by any idea/venture that uses technology to enable equity( as in everything for everyone), inclusive development. Too bad they dont have their website up yet. In the days of google apps with which one can setup a website/mail/calender in no time, finding website under construction is bit amusing. Yet, that is the reality.

Kallol Borah of Aumega Networks second time participant at was next on stage demonstrating the Lukup product. Since the product is still not released, there is no mention about it in the website. When you are mobile there is a major need for frequently updated information viz., updated flight schedule/expected delay etc. Serving the information in an accessible and reliable way will not only save customer service cost for the serving enterprise, but also for partner organizations. And the informed customer is a potential happy customer. The Indus backend and the Lokup mobile/browser based front end to the frequently updated data by Aumega addresses this requirement and positions itself as information dis-intermediation platform. Kallol’s presentation needs to be less geeky and illustrated with use cases that common man can relate to. No one whats to know you are generating feeds out of your database at break neck speeds. Give what I want in my reader thingy and I will forget about you is the general drift of attitude. As they mentioned they are looking for partners and feedback here is my 2c: they can invite the geeky community of to play with their platform, lokup and come up with interesting mashups( that highlight the differentiators of Indus/Lukup) like google widgets.

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