SE in SecondLife: unconference within a conference is a serious initiative by fun and energetic techies of The Knowledge Foundation. With Secnd Edition, the TKF folks are all set to excel their high standard of fun and useful event by several orders of magnitude. Given the accelerated startup action and the high expectation, it is no surprise that the the event got sold out in no time.
I am happy to be part of UPSL team coordinating the coverage in SecondLife. Events and unconference are a very compelling use-case of secondlife, and I look forward to learn practical aspects of it while proto SE is featured.

Coverage in SecondLife makes it possible for people who are at a different geography to attend the event as if being there. The structure of itself is more like a formal conference. This is a big barrier for TKF event regulars, so used to the unconference format. While in the physical event cannot be made into a unconference mode, the virtual event can be in unconference format. I invite you all to participate via secondlife and bring out the unconference in SE.

The coverage is at Petrel(
there will be opportunity for SecondLife antics too. Be there. SecondLife


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