Mashing SecondLife and Amazon Web Services: SHA1 in LSL

Mashing up SecondLife and Amazon Web Service must be easy. Or at least that is my conventional wisdom. Yet when I attempted it, I found it more involved than what I bargained for. First, Linden Scripting Language(LSL) does not have SHA-1 support. It can do only MD5. And Amazon Web Services(AWS) needs signature calculated( based on AWS account Access Key, Secure Key) with SHA1. Hmmm.

I was happy to find a javascript implementation of the AWS call at When I looked at the code my head started spinning. I knew I will get sucked into debugging infinite loop when I did the porting to LSL. I thought it will be a good challenge for a student in communication. The limited resource of LSL is to be reckoned with. So I entrusted the coding to Mukundan Madavan, an accomplished communications engineering student with a lot of math fondness. I know he does not know javascript, leave alone LSL. I was confident that he will pick it up in couple of hours. His adventures with limited memory Texas Instrument chip sets, robot building/programming expertise, and love for math will come in handy in the job to be done.

For now, the HTTPRequest route with having your own server is the only way out. When SHA1 functionality is available, a lot of interesting mashups of secondlife and AWS is possible. How about connecting a whole bunch of EC2 instance to a bunch of objects in SL?

If you think about it, the lack of SHA1 support speaks volumes about the state of LSL and it is high time Linden Lab overhauls the programming platform.
Tech Prpblem

Update: Mukundan has uploaded code at google code, It works fine in LSLEditor. But in SL as expected gives Stack Heap Collision.
Update2: Mukundan is blogging about the LSL implementation of SHA.

Update: A working but very slow code is available at Google Code LSLSHA


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