MMA:Subroto Bagchi: High Performance Entrepreneur

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At the Madras Management Association meeting today, Subroto Bagchi, Chief Operating Officer of MindTree Consulting presented an excellent talk on The High-Performance Entrepreneur. It was refreshing for me to see entrepreneurship from a COO’s lens. Process, and Play By The Book were there all over, both in the content and the presentation. Speaking of playing by the book, he walked the talk about focusing on Paying Customers by effectively promotingselling the book by him with the same title. In a very captivating style, he listed out several steps and factors to be taken care about business and also the business of the business. I was very impressed by the emphasis on DNA crafting through sinciere and systematic business plan writing, the importance of pretending to be a big enterprise especially in the early startup phase, the wonders of the abundance mindset, and the way he employed the word ‘budget’ couple of times.

The context of the lecture class, was set by screening a short film that featured Sidhartha of Cafe Coffe Day, Capt. Gopinath of Air Deccan, and Kiran of Biocon on the ideation that went into these success stories. It was an inspiring film with Subroto summing up the theme as Vision and not details is the key, and Vision could be shaped by ‘present-forward’ and/or ‘future-backward’ approaches. In the film and in the presentation, Subroto’s uncomfort in dealing with the lack of universal working method to arrive at the Vision was evident. Hmmm… COO karma!

My take on the ideas presented is rather dramatic: Subroto’s talk and his book(with sub-title:Golden Rules for Success in Today’s World) are late by a few years. To to point of being irrelevant. Today with social media/social software, it is all about dismantling the Enterprise. I will be interested in Golden Rules for Success to build high performance small businesses that will need no VC money/max head count ever less than fifty, and yet create much better impact than Enterprise of recent times. Interesting to note the mention in passing that nowadays VC/investor money is chasing ideas rather than the otherway around. Which I read as inflection point in the business building industry – a shift from scarcity based economy to plenty based economy. Good enough reason to abandon the metaphorical Enterprise ship and opt for a more agile boat.


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  1. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Interesting description of Subroto Bagchi’s talk.

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