Escaping Vishnu Trap, Embracing Bhrama Vishnu Shiva Cycle

Smarter and Faster

Slowly the discourse in blogosphere is touching on the parallel between a live human and a live biz.

The holy grail of biz being excellence, borrowing a few percepts from Religion/Spirituality(as in the pursuit of the highest in life) is inevitable in the discussion. JP of ConfusedOfCalcutta talks about the Shiva and Shiva number in the context of decommissioning software system in enterprise:

The cost of creating, preserving and destroying apps has begun to go down sharply. Which can only be a good thing.

I was struggling with the parallel of Zen( as in path less path) and what Sig is attempting with Thingamy – a biz modeling software to conquer the ‘unstructured’/’ad hoc’, ‘one off’ realities of any biz.

Suddenly JP’s post brought to the foreground what was nagging me at the back of my mind. The trouble/obsession of businesses with preservation( or status quo, or Vishnu in Spiritual terms). This is very much, identical to ones stagnation in spiritual path due to obsession with well being. This is what I call being stuck in the Vishnu Trap.

Technology is adding its interesting twist to biz environment by reducing the cycle time/cost/shelf life of biz, etc. Add ‘Geography is History‘ to it and what have we got? One thing for sure is there is no rock solid ‘Land’ below feet. Rules of living in static, slow changing landscape is gone forever. Technology is dramatically reducing the half-life of biz in Vishnu trap.

Google and MSFT are good examples of interesting tech companies stuck in the Vishnu trap.

Added to the complexity is purpose of every biz at the outset is to hit a comfortable Vishnu Trap. Startup biz plans are all about long stay in the Vishnu Trap. Just like, much about individual life is about perusing wellbeing/comfortable life.

The new game is more close to embracing the natural cycle of Creating, Preserving and Destroying or being in tune with the multi-faceted simultaneous cycles of Bhrama, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

If you are still reading this up to this, I salute ye!
If you are asking what should businesses do in these interesting times? My answer is:
Just Add Zen!

Update: The disruptive technologies and disruptive startup plays have the concentrated power of a bomb which in spiritual terms is called Shiva the destroyer. Remember the a seed gets destroyed to pave the way for a seedling. Just like tech industry there is a worship/celebration holding in primacy the disruptive technologies, on the spiritual side Shiva’s primacy of the three is evident from the Mahadeva( the prime lord) status.

Are we evil yet?


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