Virtual Goods, Real Money

Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.Henry David Thoreau

Happyness is
Susan Wu, Charles River Venture initiated a Virtual Goods Conference.

3PointD has a very comprehensive coverage of the event.

I see Jeff Barr twittering about finding new cloths and socks for the Tonight Live event. He must be happy to shell out the money coz he is an active participant.

I have seen the effect of a good dress during my first unconference in secondlife. Kate Trgovac(Katicus Sparrow in SL), got full value for the money she invested on her remarkable dress to play the hostess for the event.
In matter of time, the passive participants will also become conscious of their dress and other virtual goods that go with them. [They will want to look good on the ‘coverage’ ]

Thus, Susan’s hypestat that the Virtual Goods market is USD 1.5 billion and growing passes the first level reality check.

The real venture capital companies will be focusing on the platform providers and there can be very interesting deal flows by making the virtual worlds inter-operable. [Will interoperability create the deal? or will the deals create the interoperability? let us see…]

I see an opportunity for pure virtual currency/virtual goods based Venture Capital( or Virtual Capital?) firm. It will be lot of learning and lot of fun, money will follow soon enough! Just thinking aloud. I might assemble one soon enough.

Interesting quote from the event( By Susan, on importance of third party empowerment/power of secondary markets):

The reason Google, eBay, Amazon, exist is because they lower the barrier for entrepreneurship.

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4 Responses to Virtual Goods, Real Money

  1. nic mitham says:

    in response to the question you post in this post, i would say that the deals will create the interoperability – it’s a natural evolution of how VWs will expand.
    interoperability is the only true way VWs will achieve serious critical mass whilst facilitating numerous niche metaverses

  2. labsji says:

    @nic mitham,
    I agree, deals creating the interoperability is the traditional way: more like Flickr, YouTube getting integrated with other Yahoo, Google property.
    Mashups and API exposure are the hot trends of Web2.0. And the the trend might influence the VW platforms to expose their API/protocol. Just like SL has opensourced its client software. This will make sharing user generated content across the VWs possible.
    Thus the mashups trend leaves lot of room for ‘deals due to interoperability’ too.

    Thanks for the comprehensive SL brand map at your site!

    -Balaji S.

  3. Goh says:

    Please email to me more information about your services

    Thank you


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