Showcasing Paper File Tracking at India Innovation Summit

From 14 June to 18 June I went missing from Chennai scene. I was invited by DSIR to participate in the India Innovation Summit 2007. The event was organized by CII(Confederation of Indian Industry) and the content was mostly assembled by Erehwon Innovation Consulting.
As part of TePP support for my ‘Electronic Tagging of Book Like objects’ project – which resulted in the paper file tracking system, I was provided a nice stall at the conference. My stall was right opposite Accenture and Motorola. Interestingly they both featured RFID based solutions.
Tag & Monitor stall right opposite Accenture's stall
The stalls were strategically located at the lobby of the auditorium just off the networking area. There sessions were planned such that there were enough break time for networking, that worked in my favor. Frankly I was surprised by the response. Everyone who gave a patient hearing wished me success in a very genuine way. I am throughly impressed and blown away by the response.
Craft + Technology = Equit

The CII team has done a good job of taking care of details to the last dot. I’m particularly thankful for Mrs Sudha Srikanth for a very warm coordination.

The Accenture stall displayed a heart monitoring vest.
Heart Monitoring Vest
The Motorola geeks were showcasing podcasting and a phone based electronic purse. Very interesting stuff! But the way the geeks were intensely fiddling their laptops rather than go out of the way to make a conversation with the passers by made me LOL. Just reinforces the Motorola stereotype, good at engineering bad at marketing! Oh wait a minute, that is their marketing schitik!
Motrola geeks

Bonus Links
Tepp Innovator’s Blog at Blogspot.
CII India Innovation Summit blog.


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