Erehwon Innovation Consulting @ India Innovation Summit

I recently attended the India Innovation Summit an event organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry. The biggest discovery for me was the Knowledge Partner of the event, Erehwon Innovation Consulting. The way they have organized the content of the event and the people around it was impressive. It sends a strong signal that they know what they are talking about. And they are here for the long haul.
A little digging at the web site and their brochure reveals that their strong point is tapping the Human Element:

Human beings are essentially fragile in nature and tend to keep losing steam and energy, especially when faced with huge legacies and barriers. Renewing mindsets and energy is critical to succeeding with innovation.

This human element IS ALMOST NEVER taken into account. Which is why innovation fails.

Procastination human factor.

I would have passed it as a “Oh Yeah?!” – yet another insincere speak just to con the potential client. But they walked the talk when they called in Anil Sainani to share his amazing story of family business unification. I was able to see that Parvathi Menon was literally fighting her tears sitting on the stage when Anil reached high point in his story.
Erehwon Innovation Consulting

I see a genuine interest in Innovation with the people I happen to interact viz., Jaideep, Mandeep, Ranjan, Buupendra( who in one phrase – ‘Change the Story.’ – amazed me!).

With the whole web2.0 phenomenon stressing the importance of human factors, their Quantum Innovation(QI) formula might just make the biggies ‘get it’. Hmmm let us see…

Too bad no one at Erehwon blogs!

Bonus Links:
India Innovation Summit 2007 ‘official blog?!’ at blogspot.
Bit of rant by Navaneet Bhushan on how the event could be better(of course with some ‘promotion’ too.
India innovation – The problem of “we” factor – By Prakasan K, TRIZit


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2 Responses to Erehwon Innovation Consulting @ India Innovation Summit

  1. Alok Pandey says:

    Yes ,rightly said, i had a chance to meet Parvathi, was quite impressed with the work that they are doing…
    Lets hear something more on innovation.

  2. Alok Pandey says:

    good work.. keep it rolling

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