Business As Family Unifier::Anil Sainani@ India Innovation Summit

Indian movies are abound with stories where a song unites a family. At the India Innovation Summit 2007, the banquet session featured a family story of how business motivations and business management principles were applied to unite a family of six brothers and their families.
The India Innovation Summit is an yearly event organized by Confederation of Indian Industries. The content for the event is put together by Erehwon Innovation Consulting a bunch of passionate Innovation enthusiasts making a living by evangelizing innovation in big organizations.
Business as family unification tool
Anil Sainani is a ex-civil-servant presently running his consulting business on family (biz)governance. He systematically presented the story of how one of his brothers refused the splitting up of the family wealth and initiated a reunification of the family for health wealth and happiness for all in the family. Interestingly, they borrowed a few simple management methods to guide them through the journey from ambient apathy as starting point to Awaken, Preserve, Be Happy as their destination.
Simple Management tools for happyness
The primary motivation of the initiator(Sunil) of the reunification was business and growth. Yet the end result was much better that anyone bargained for. After the brothers agreed in principle to reunite, they took six months to study books and formed a task force to initiate actions. Their initial pitch was, ‘If 81,000 Tatas can reform and become remarkable why not we just 21 of us?’ After six months of preparatory activities they launched a 28 day intensive program for the actual unification. Much of it was educating, emotional cleansing and enrollment for vision 2005. The members responded to the vision with enthusiasm. And started sharing their individual visions and plans that align with the overall family vision. Health was the first area to get attention. The vision implementation team ensured that everyone got together for the morning walk at 6 am for a 30min walk. Cool! To cut a long story short, Success, Happiness, Prosperity followed!
The family reunification timeline
An interesting quotes from the talk:
“It is not easy to convince the wife on such issues”

Death does not follow chronological order”

Bonus Links
Kellog School of Management:Center for Family Enterprise
Family Business Governance:ISB Insight. ( interestingly, the family unification story is used as a case study by ISB)
Anil Sainani on Transparent Tendering in Indian Railways ( Not sure if it is the same Anil)


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