AWS Informal Chat at the New Amazon Island, Secondlife

If a bunch of Amazon Web Services geeks meet, what would they discuss?
Here is a snippet of conversation at aws dev meetup at SL:

Baba Yamamoto: I would like to use ec2 to loadtest the secondlife grid
Tao Takashi: you wanna take down SL? 😉
Baba Yamamoto: tao, YES
Trevor Steptoe: “loadtest”
Tao Takashi: “lag” is another word
Baba Yamamoto: Muahahaha
Jeffronius Batra: Careful, Yoz is here, he might hear you!

You get the idea…

If you have a AWS application, you can even showcase it at the Amazon Island and connect to peers interested in the application. Cool.
There were request for free books( AWS development related I guess) and request for live Amazon engineers showing up at regular hours. Interesting!

The conference room ambiance was eye candy yet not very comfortable. One, the vertical seating was not visually easy. There were legs( of other Avatars) hanging out near my shoulder level. And two, since the build was enclosed from all sides taking pictures was a pain. Some object or other was on the way. Now I realize why there are so many complaints about ease of use of SL

Here are some pictures.
Amazon Web Services dev chat at Second Life

Jeff Baar, Evangalist AWS, evangalizing!
AWS meetup at Secondlife

I look forward for a live technical person at the island with regular office hours…


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I blog, Therefore I exist ! Funny things are funny to me. Cool things are cool to me. Innovations tick me. I attempt spirituality religiously :)
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2 Responses to AWS Informal Chat at the New Amazon Island, Secondlife

  1. Jeff Barr says:

    Hi, great pictures and great review of the AWS chat in Second Life. Would you mind if I use on the pictures in a paper that I am writing?

  2. labsji says:

    Jeff Most welcome do!
    I’m a big fan of yours and I got into secondlife after you blogged about it.
    Just go ahead and do what ever you want! I’ll be thrilled know how it is used!

    -Balaji S.

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